Young Pianists Series I

09 Aug

Young Pianists Series I

Kelly Yip 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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Kelly YIP 

Born in Hong Kong, Kelly is 13 years old and is studying at Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section) in Hong Kong. She is the pianist of the School Choir and a member of the School String Orchestra.

Kelly has won a number of international piano competitions, including second Prize in the 5th European Elbe Valley International Music Competition held in Hong Kong in 2019; second Prize in the New York Golden Classical Music Awards International Competition held in New York (USA), third Place in the United States Open Music Competition held in Oakland (USA), fifth Prize in the 19th Osaka International Music Competition held in Osaka (Japan), and Honorable Mention in the 3rd Krystian Tkaczewski International Piano Competition held in Busko-Zdrój (Poland) in 2018. She is also Champion at the 20th St. Cecilia International Music Competition 2015 held in Hong Kong.

Kelly has also won various local piano competitions. She has recently claimed Champion at the 6th Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Youth Piano Competition and the 9th Little Musical Philanthropists Competition in 2019; Champion at the 4th Parsons Music Festival and second place in the 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival in 2018. Other competitions she has won in the past few years include second place in the 10th Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition in 2017; third place in the 9th Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition in 2016; and first place in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival, and third place in the 8th Hong Kong Students Open Music Competition in 2015.

Kelly started piano lessons at the age of four, and is currently under tutelage of Dr. Helen Cha. She attained with distinction the Associate of Royal Schools of Music (in piano performance) and Grade 5 (in violin performance) respectively in 2017.




Frédéric Chopin

Études Op. 10, nos. 5 and 3

Johannes Brahms

Ballade in G minor Op. 118 no. 3

Ludwig van Beethoven

Sonata in D minor Op. 31 no. 2, ‘Tempest’


The Lark

Fazil Say

Paganini Jazz

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