Season Opening 1: Ping & Ting Piano Duo

19 Feb

Season Opening 1: Ping & Ting Piano Duo

Chau Lok Ping, Chau Lok Ting 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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 <<Göttinger Tageblatt>>, 2013

“The Chau sisters play not only perfectly together, but move at times, as when she quickly solve the hands from the keys, even synchronous.”

 <<Die Glocke>>, 2012

“Twins meet all moods at the piano. Twenty nimble fingers admirably enable a diversity sound came out from a single piano.” 

The twin sister Lok Ping and Lok Ting CHAU has gained a wide recognition of their finest musicality and the fascinating matches of sound and privity. “The piano duo Lok-Ping and Lok-Ting Chau reacted precisely and harmonically together with a matching of sound in an unbelievable manner. (South German Post). Their performance also exalted by the South West Post of Germany: “There is no trace of showing off, instead a deep immersion in the content of the work, a charming change between rhythmic sharpening and soft sliding.”

The duo are winners of several international competitions, including the first prize and two best interpretation prizes of the Fourth International Piano Duo Competition, Bialystok in Poland 2008, second prize of the Fourth San Marino International Piano Duo Competition 2010 and Grieg A Deux Two Piano Competition in Norway together with an audience prize 2014. In addition, they were awarded the “André Hoffmann” prize at the renowned “Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad” International Music Festival in Switzerland 2014. The piano duo is the current bronze medalists of the 64th ARD International Music Competition Munich 2015.

They performed extensively at international music festivals, including the renowned Dranoff Two Piano Foundation’s project in Miami, U.S. : “Piano Salm”, the “Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad” in Switzerland, the “Young Professionals” series organized by C.Bechstein in Germany, the ‘Vacations with Music’ and the first Piano Duo Festival in Poland, the Joy of Music Festival in Hong Kong, the 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Fifth Gulangyu Piano Festival in Xiamen, China.. They have collaborated with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the New Zurich Orchestra and the Bialystok Symphony Orchestra respectively with the conductors Jun Märkl, Martin Studer and François-Xavier Roth. The Secretary for Home Affairs has awarded commendations to the piano duo Ping and Ting for making outstanding contribution in international arts and culture activities in 2009.

The twin sister began their musical education at the age of five with Professor Eleanor Wong at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, where they received their Masters Degree with first-class honor. In 2015, they gained another Masters degree specialized in piano duo with the world-known piano duo Genova and Dimitrov at the “Hochschule für Musik Theater und Medien” in Hannover, with the supports from the German DAAD Scholarship and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship.


Press & Reviews

<<Südwest Presse>>, 2015

Doch da sitzen zwei 26 Jahre junge Musikerinnen am Flügel, Zwillinge  Lok Ping und Lok Ting Chau fegen alle Vorurteile gegen asiatische Hochleistungsakrobatik “ohne Seele” vom Tisch. Keine Spur von effektvollem Auftrumpfen. Stattdessen ein tiefes Versenken in den Gehalt des Werkes, ein betörendes Changieren zwischen rhythmischen Schärfen und weichem Gleiten.

(Two young pianists with the fairy tale-names Lok Ping and Lok Ting Chau, played with the dearly crispy magic sound that reminds one listening to two experienced elders’ performance. They sweep all prejudices against Asia image “High technique and without soul” off the table.There is no trace of showing off, instead a deep immersion in the content of the work, a charming change between rhythmic sharpening and soft sliding.)

<<Süddeutsche Zeitung>>, 2015

“In unfassbarer Präzision reagieren das Duo Lok-ping und Lok-ting Chau aufeinander und sind in der Lage Pedal, Klang und Nachhall genauestens aufeinander abzustimmen. Durch diese Akkuratesse klingen ihre Phrasierungen gemeinsam und beeindrucken am meisten an diesem Tag.”

(The duo Lok Ping and Lok Ting reacted precisely and harmonically through the use of pedal and matching of sound in an unbelievable manner. Because of this finest accurate musicality, their phrases sound together and impress the most these days.)


Johann Sebastian Bach/Max Reger 

Brandenburg Concerto No.5

                         1st Movement 


Camille Saint-Saëns/Wendy Hiscocks       

Dance Macabre


Felix Mendelssohn          

Songs without words Op.62

Maurice Ravel                  

Rapsodie espagnole

                       II Malagueña 

                       IV Feria

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