Season Closing 1: Duo Ping and Ting

07 Dec

Season Closing 1: Duo Ping and Ting

Duo Ping and Ting 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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Piano Duo Ping Ting 

The twin sisters Lok Ping and Lok Ting Chau received their Master degrees in University of Music, Drama and Theatre in Hannover in Germany, and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. They were recipients of the German DAAD Scholarship, the Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund, as well as the Robert N.H. Ho for Outstanding Merits respectively. Their mentor widely included Prof. Eleanor Wong, Alexander Tamir, duo Genova and Dimitrov and duo Yaara Tal and Andreas Groethuysen.

The duo was the top prize winners of several international competitions, including the 64th ARD International Music Competition in Munich, Germany, the Fourth International Piano Duo Competition, Bialystok in Poland, the Fourth San Marino International Piano Duo Competition and Grieg A Deux International Two Piano Competition in Oslo, Norway. In addition, they were awarded the “André Hoffmann” prize at the renowned “Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad” International Music Festival in Switzerland. The Secretary for Home Affairs has awarded commendations to the Chau sister for making outstanding contribution in international arts and culture activities in 2009.

The Duo gained a wide recognition of their finest musicality and the fascinating matches of sound. Their performance was exalted by the South West Post of Germany: “There is no trace of showing off, instead a deep immersion in the content of the work, a charming change between rhythmic sharpening and soft sliding.”  “Duo Ping & Ting reacted precisely and harmonically together with a matching of sound in an unbelievable manner” (South German Post). Their online recordings are currently available on Sportiy, YouTube, iTune Music, Amazon.

They were often invited to music festivals worldwide including the Liesborner Chamber music Festival in Germany, the 1st International Gedánsk Piano Duo Festival in Poland, the 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival and the Joy of Music Festival in Hong Kong, the 5th Gulangyu Piano Festival in Xiamen, the Mainland; and collaborated with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the New Zurich Orchestra and the Bialystok Symphony Orchestra, and the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. They have made successful appearances in Miami in the United States, Gstaad and Kultur Casino Bern in Switzerland, Herkulessaal and Prinzregententheater in Munich, Hannover in Germany, Vienna, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Bratislava in Slovakia, Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel, and also in important music.

Apart from performances, they are working actively in teaching and community services. They have been appointed by the Hong Kong Chamber Music for Life as artistic directors to promote classical music in the local senior and rehabilitation centres since 2016. They are regularly invited by The Dranoff Two Pianos Foundation in Miami, U.S.A to work with other artists on the school projects. In addition, they are often appointed as juries in the local piano competitions, as well as in the mainland of China.

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Johannes Brahms

Souvenir de la Russie

  1. Hymne Nationale Russe de Lvoff “God Save the Tsar”
  2. Chansonette de Titoff “The Branch”
  3. Romance de Warlamoff “Don’t You Wake Her at Dawn”
  4. Le Rossignol, de A. Alabieff  “The Nightingale”
  5. Chant Bohémien “There’s a Big Village on the Road”
  6. Chant Bohémien “The Plait”

George Gershwin

Rhapsody in Blue



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