Pulsar 1: Flamenco Fire

15 Feb

Pulsar 1: Flamenco Fire

Betty Paige Wong, Kelleigh Poon, Ashley Chan 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Event Detail

Betty Paige WONG, flamenco dancer and choreographer

Betty Wong graduated from the School of Dance from the Hong Kong Academy For Performing Arts in 2002 with the Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts (Hons), majoring in Modern Dance and Choreography.

Wong has participated in the Second Taiwan International Dance Festival in 2001 and the World Alliance Festival Global Dance in Germany in 2002. In 2003, she has choreographed Chan Pei Mui for the Dance Platform of the Hong Kong Dance Alliance. Her past performances also include Forever Teresa Teng’s Legendary Musical in Taiwan, The Flying Sportsman for Three Colours, The Journey to the Lion Rock for the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company, The Chinese Martial Arts Dance Series: Episode III for Mirinda Chin Dance Company and “Rice, Spices, Zen & Colour” Environmental Dance for Hong Kong choreographer Pui Sui Fai.

In 2012 she got two years scholarship of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund for studying flamenco in Spain and she graduated from the flamenco school of Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco in 2014 with the Diploma.

Wong is now working as a dance tutor in many primary schools, secondary schools as well as special educational institutes, by doing so she wishes to introduce the Art of Dance to different levels of the public community. Besides, she is also a freelance artist and choreographer.


Kelleigh POON DE RUBIO, flamenco singer


Kelleigh received a master degree in Translation from the University of Warwick (U.K.).

She started learning Spanish language in 2006 in Granada (Spain), and speaks Spanish with competence.  Kelleigh began learning flamenco dance in 2005, and has performed in a number of events.

With respect to flamenco singing, since January 2015 Kelleigh has been taking weekly private lessons with Karina Feal Silva, a professional flamenco singer in Sevilla (Spain), through online media, and also doing annual trips to Sevilla for intensive practice of flamenco singing technique. In Sevilla she has participated by singing in “tertulias flamencas” (flamenco jam sessions) at various peñas.  She has performed flamenco singing as a solo and as accompaniment for dancers, including annual Flamenco Recitals of Club de Estrellas in 2016-2018 at different Civic Centres (also in charge of the musical arrangement of flamenco singing), performance of Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Awardees Association in 2018 at Hong Kong City Hall, in collaboration with Bettypaige Flamenco, Spanish Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner in 2016, in collaboration with Esencia Flamenca HK and various flamenco shows/events by other local organisers.


Ashley CHAN, flamenco guitarist

Ashley studied flamenco guitar under Penny Wong, Carl Marin, Gerardo Alcala; and classical guitar under Su Long Ming. In 2012, he gave a solo performance as well as provided live accompaniment for flamenco dance performance at Y Studio, Youth Square, Chai Wan. Since 2014, Ashley has provided live guitar accompaniment for various flamenco workshops conducted by overseas artists including Oscar Nieto, Manuel Liñan, Omayra Amaya, Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, Maria Bermudez, and Maribel Ramos. In June 2015, Ashley acted as the arranger, soloist and accompanist for Betty Paige’s flamenco performance “Alma y Raices”. He is currently the member of “Sentido Flamenco HK”, a local flamenco group.



  1. Sevillanas
  2. Tangos guajira
  3. Soleá por Bulerias
  4. Guitar improvisation solo
  5. Mariana
  6. Cantiñas


Supported by

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund Awardees Association

Sponsored by

Champion REIT

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