Prelude 22: Annie Yuen

10 Aug

Prelude 22: Annie Yuen

Annie YUEN 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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Hong Kong pianist Annie YUEN received her Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) degree in Music with First Class Honours from the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), where she studied with Carol Yu and Nancy Loo. She was named the winner of HKBU Annual Concerto Competition in 2010 performing Rachmaninov’s second piano concerto, and was given Audience Choice Award. She continued her performance studies with Nancy Loo at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as a visiting student, before finishing her Master’s degree in the summer of 2014 at Manhattan School of Music (New York) under the tutelage of Jeffrey Cohen. During her studies, she played in master classes by renowned pianists and pedagogues, including Nelita True, Edward Auer, Jean-Paul Sévilla and Collin Stones.

A keen collaborative pianist, Annie has rich experiences working with different musicians and chamber groups. She studied chamber music with Heasook Rhee and Gerald Robbins, and has worked for the studios of Lucie Robert, Robert Langevin, Marion Feldman and Paul Cohen, and recorded live with local young artists for Radio & Television Hong Kong. She is also an accomplished organist, obtaining the Licentiate (recital) from Trinity College London with distinction, has performed on the grand organ at Hong Kong Cultural Centre. She now leads a rewarding life of teaching and performing.




 J.S. Bach

Prelude in C Major, BWV 846


Alexander Scriabin

Preludes, Op. 11

No. 1 in C Major

No. 4 in E Minor

No. 11 in B Major

No. 13 in G Flat Major


Frederic Chopin

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No. 4 in E Minor

No. 15 in D Flat Major “Raindrop”

No. 16 in B Flat Minor


Claude Debussy


Book I

VIII. La fille aux cheveux de lin

XII. Minstrels

Book II

V. Bruyeres

VI.“General Lavine” Eccentric


Sergei Rachmaninov

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No. 6 in E Flat Major


Dmitri Shostakovich

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No. 16 in B Flat Minor

No. 24 in D Minor


Nikolai Kapustin

Prelude, Op. 53

No. 4 in E Minor

No. 23 in F Major



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