Senior Recitalists IV

24 Apr

Senior Recitalists IV

LIberty Lam, Cheung Ping 6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

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0424 Liberty Lam

Liberty Lam started her music training in the Music Office since the age of seven, she is awarded in a number of well-known international musical competitions as well as local competitions , including champions of the Music Festival (Advanced Class of LiuQin and Ruan), Winner of the 2rd International Chinese Artist Competition (HKSAR District) and RTHK Cup (by HKSMSA) . Liberty is an all-round, a zealous student. She is, at a same time, a Scholar, Athlete and Musician. She has hence been nominated by her secondary school for the “Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards”. Her musicianship has also been affirmed in 2007 as one of the Most Outstanding Trainee of Music Office.

Liberty was a member of the Hong Kong YWCA Chinese Orchestra, the Hong Kong Music Lover Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong Junior Chinese Orchestra. She has done many performance locally and in overseas namely Melbourne, NanJin, WuXi, TaiPei, TaiChung and JiangYi. In 2011, Liberty and 3 other Ruan musicians formed a Ruan Quartet “4 X 4 Plucked” in the same year, which has been elected as the only ensemble in the “Young Music Makers 2011” as well as “My Favourite Young Music Makers” organized by RTHK Radio 4; has then been invited to produce two programmes for the RTHK Radio 4 and ETV, as well as a CD recording for “Young Music Makers 2011”. Liberty is being invited as a LiuQin soloist by the Music Office, and has cooperated with the Island Youth Chinese Orchestra, performed the LiuQin Concerto: “Sketches of the Northern Nationalities’ Living” successfully. As invited by the renowned Chinese composer of “Sketches of the Northern Nationalities’ Living”, Liu Xijin, Liberty performed the piece once again, with the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Chinese Orchestra in 2014 Winter.

As a recognition of Liberty’s remarkably outstanding performance in her industry, she has been awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship pursuing the Bachelor of Music (Honours), double majoring in Liuqin and Ruan under the directions of Prof. Lui Kwan-on.

She was the Liuqin/XiaoRuan principal of Hong Kong Youth Chinese Orchestra and the founding member of “Crystal Plucked Strings Ensemble” and is currently the principle LiuQin/XiaoRuan  musician of the Hong Kong Music Lovers Chinese Orchestra and the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts Chinese Orchestra, and the founding member of “ 4 X 4 Plucked”.


*Liuqin is a Chinese plucked-string instrument with the shape of a willow leaf (“Liu”). It has four strings and is played with a  plectrum. It produces crispy tone like that of mandolin.

Senior Recitals 1



春到沂河 Spring on Yi River


夜之绮想 Caprice of Nights 


劍器 Sword Dance


雨後庭院)The Garden After Rain


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